Don’t Allow Your Company to be Fraudulently “Hijacked”

The Colorado Bureau of Investigations warns businesses and entities to ensure they are securely registered on the Colorado Secretary of State’s website

It has come to our attention at Stratagem, from the Colorado Bureau of Investigations (CBI), that there is a critical step that must be taken to secure any entity registration with the Colorado Secretary of State’s office.  After registering your entities, please select “Set Up Secure Business Filing” and enter the required account information and hit submit.  For existing entities, you will need to:  1.  Access the SOS website; 2. Locate your business and ensure the address is correct; 3. Request a PIN to be mailed to the address on file; and 4. Once you receive the PIN, you must again access the SOS website and use the PIN to set up a user name and password.  This will prevent others from “hijacking” your company by making changes to your information on their site.  If a PW is not in place, anyone can access and change information on your business registration, obtain credit, and/or obligate your business to their fraudulent activities or other criminal pursuits.  Please check all of your entities to ensure that a password is in place and cannot be accessed by anyone except authorized users.  The following is a statement from Investigator Traci Schwartzbauer with the CBI ID Theft & Fraud Unit:

In an effort to prevent Business ID Theft, please ensure any business you own, or have previously registered in your name, are secure with the Colorado Secretary of State. As I mentioned during our conversation, without the business being secure, it allows fraudsters to “hijack” your business and obtain business credit, etc. This can ultimately come back to the original owner(s). Please see the information below and share with those you know!

Business ID Theft Prevention:

The link below provides the information on how to both Secure your Business Filing and sign-up for Email Notifications, we suggest both! Please make sure the address on file with the Secretary of State is the correct address, they will be sending you a PIN in the mail. If it’s not correct, please file a Change of Address first:  

We also provide training for small businesses of all genres on wire fraud, Business Email Compromise (BEC) and other cyber related issues which can directly affect companies. If you are interested, please visit and click under “Presentations and Training.”

Another form of Identify theft and fraud to be aware of is entities or individuals attaching to your personal or business address for SOS registrations, banking, etc.  There has been an ongoing, multi-state investigation into this fraudulent activity since 2017.  If there is any indication that this has occurred to you or your business, report it online to the Secretary of State, report it online to the US Postal Service and refuse delivery of any mail or packages addressed to the entity or individual, and most critically, contact CBI Agent Traci Schwartzbauer at 303-239-4656 (her direct line), 690 Kipling St., Suite 4000, Denver, CO 80215 or anyone in the CBI ID Theft & Fraud Unit to report the situation.

Stratagem is committed to assisting and protecting our clients, and we believe that this information will allow you to be proactive in protecting your interests.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

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