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Risk Assurance Approach

Audit & Assurance Services

Stratagem’s risk-based approach to auditing and assurance services provides clients with the highest quality and most reliable financial reporting while also identifying areas of business growth and improvement. Objectivity, integrity, and strong analytical skills are hallmarks of trusted assurance services. Stratagem team members possess extensive expertise in accounting compliance, providing you with reliable financial reporting that reduces your exposure to risk.

We meet clients’ needs for assurance services, while providing management and those charged with governance relevant information to drive further business success, reduce uncertainty, and increase credibility of financial reporting to stakeholders. We also assist clients with understanding economic, tax, and operational implications of financial decisions. You’ll find our team is highly collaborative with your internal financial team, gaining in-depth knowledge about your business operations and processes to help you navigate the complex nuances of the financial reporting of your industry.

Our audit and assurance services include:

  • Audit
  • Review
  • Compilation
  • Financial statement preparation
  • Internal control audit
  • Audit of employee benefit plans including 401(k) plans, 403(b) plans, and defined benefit plans
  • Agreed upon procedures

Stratagem team members hold certifications including CPA, CGMA, CCIFP, and MBA.  Our goal is to always provide you with reliable information and trusted advice, allowing you to make better and more informed decisions about your business.


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