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Organizational & Leadership Consulting

Driving Enterprise Growth

Every business reaches thresholds where the everyday mechanics of the business need to be reevaluated. Whether that happens in times of crisis or in times of accelerated business growth, maintaining organizational alignment and velocity can become difficult. At Stratagem, we have seasoned, experienced, organizational development professionals who can help lead your organization through change by breaking through barriers and energizing the organization toward sustainable growth. Our approach is hands-on and collaborative, and we invest the time to deep dive your business situation to determine the best course of action. Our processes are time tested and have worked in small and large size companies where gaining alignment and catalyzing growth is critical to business velocity and success.

Some of our organizational development services include:

Future Search A powerful change process that is collaborative and inclusive. The core philosophy behind Future Search is hearing from the system (human system) to make sure that organizational traps are properly identified and dealt with, barriers can be overcome, and the organization can become aligned to drive momentum. Future Search has several elements that engage the entire organization, allowing the change effort to transcend leadership direction and drive organizational alignment. The process is as follows:

  • Organizational Assessment – Comprehensive assessment of leaders, the organization, and the brand to identify the current state. Once completed, we provide a feedback session in person to better understand the issues that arose during the assessment.
  • Future Search Meeting – A powerful two day meeting where representatives from the organization meet and begin to discuss the future. This meeting is facilitated by one of our Stratagem trained facilitators who will guide the group through the process and identify the action plan to move forward.
  • Gain Traction – The process is only successful if a comprehensive plan with actionable benchmarks is put in place. Your Stratagem advisor will help guide the process and assist you in holding leaders and teams accountable to results that flowed from the Future Search meeting.
  • Measure Results – Sometimes success comes in baby steps and other times it can be quick, powerful, and catalytic to an organization. Your Stratagem advisor will help you develop a scorecard and determine success metrics so the organization can celebrate and reward progress.

Leadership Development – Stratagem offers a series of leadership development programs that can help build and grow your leadership team. These are not canned products, but rather customized offerings specific to your given situation. Before our team starts, we will perform a comprehensive qualitative and quantitative leadership assessment to define the current state and identify future content and direction. Our leadership program is designed to fit you and your team and addresses intellectual, emotional, and social leadership. It can be packed into a quarter or spread throughout the year depending on the pace you desire.

Building Powerful Vision – Sometimes it’s never been done and other times it’s simply time to blow the dust off of your organization’s key vision, mission, and alignment documents. Our Stratagem team will take you through a comprehensive process to:

  • Understand your organization’s current gaps and alignment issues
  • Identify the organizational shifts that need to take place for the organization to grow and thrive
  • Establish your unique vision story
  • Develop your brand promise
  • Craft your new internal vocabulary
  • Take your internal vocabulary and turn it into market-specific language
  • Develop an actionable plan to integrate the new direction into the organization’s structure

In most cases, this work can be done in two to three two-hour collaborative sessions and is then crafted into a document that is ready to be presented to the rest of the organization.


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