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Search & Placement Services

Take the heavy lifting out of your talent search

Finding the best person for the job can be daunting, especially when hiring is not the focus of your business. Sifting through a stack of resumes, evaluating whether candidates’ skills truly match the position, and looking for the type of leadership savvy not found on paper make finding the right candidate difficult. And, what’s worse, unnecessary hiring and vacancy costs can add up fast and put extra pressure on the rest of your team.

At Stratagem, we offer our clients a turnkey process that takes the heavy lifting out of the search for great talent. Our process is thorough and inclusive and achieves the end result of finding the right person for the job. Our internal experts can find and appraise candidates across the entire C-suite and into the revenue generating positions of sales and business development. We can perform the entire search process for you, or simply be called on to evaluate the intangibles of the top candidates you have selected.

Our search and placement process includes:

  1. Developing a job specification or role description for the position
  2. Identifying the salary and bonus range for the role
  3. Establishing the criteria and evaluation grid to assess all candidates
  4. Managing the posting process and completing all the initial resume reviews
  5. Selecting and executing the first round of interviews, usually by phone
  6. Updating the evaluation grid and identifying the lead candidates for the second round of interviews
  7. Conducting a written assessment of skillset strengths and gaps for all second round candidates
  8. Managing and completing in-person interviews of selected second round candidates
  9. Recommending the top candidates for final round interviews
  10. Assisting in the final selection
  11. Assisting in negotiating with the top candidate

Targeted Positions: Controller, CFO, COO, CMO, Sales Executive, and Business Development Executive


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