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IT Director

P. 720.445.3420
F. 720.445.3421

Be undeniably good. No marketing effort or social media buzzword can be a substitute for that.
—Anthony Volodkin

Long story: Dan is a strategic, multidisciplinary IT consultant with a talent for leveraging technology to increase efficiency in businesses. He has worked the gamut of clients, including those in the construction, finance, real estate, automotive, and retail industries to name a few. Dan’s greatest expertise is in the worlds of risk management, IT security, managed services, and enterprise systems. Dan combines knowledge and experience in these areas to deliver the best technology resources to Stratagem’s clients.

When he is not at work, Dan’s world revolves around creating great memories with his wife and two boys and their friends. Most of those memories seem to include travel, food, and/or some new adventure.

Short story: Dan was born.  At 11 he got his first computer.  Then he started playing with technology, and that’s still what he’s doing today.  The end.